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28th New York Infantry Regiment
Niagara Rifles; Scott Life Guard
Cemetery Project - Sorted by Burial Place
The names are sorted based on Burial Place or Cemetery. Cemeteries are initially sorted by State & County then name. Within the cemetery, names are sorted alphabetically as they appear in the roster.
The names from the history, enlistment papers and roster have been found to be incorrect in a number of cases; however, these are the names with which these men were identified when they enlisted so we are continuing to use the names from the enlistment. We will, however, mention any differences within the individual pages.

New York
Genesee County
Alabama Cemetery, Alabama
Stickney, Lucius E
Thayer, Riley
Byron Cemetery, Byron
Barnard, George
Perkins, Charles
Perkins, Flavius
Rowley, William
Elmwood Cemetery, Batavia
Bailey, Lucius
Harvester Cemetery, Batavia
Coddington, Roswell
Mitchell, James
North Byron Cemetery, Byron
Gillam, Chandler B.

Livingston County
Oakwood Cemetery, Nunda
Bradley, William H
Mount Morris Cemetery, Mount Morris
Palmer, George W

Monroe County
Falls Cemetery, Greece
Ireland, George
Garbutt Cemetery, Scottsville
Bigford, George
High Street Cemetery, Brockport
Chichester, Albert
Mount Hope Cemetery, Rochester
Bean, Albert L
Fenn, Charles H
Kenyon, William
Quick, Sele P.
Mount Olivet Cemetery, Sweden
Jacobus, John

Niagara County
Budd Cemetery, Cambria
Baker, Charles S.
Central Cemetery, Hartland
Bathrick, Enos
Harrington, John
Harrington, Henry
Welsher, Amos
Chestnut Ridge Cemetery, Royalton
Colton, Henry
Flagler, Benjamin
McMaster, Alonzo J.
Cold Springs Cemetery, Lockport
Burk, Henry
Bush, James Franklin
Bush, William Wirt
Cook, Elliott W.
Crampton, William H.
Donnelly, Dudley
Dunham, James F
Field, William P.
Holden, Hamilton
Langden, William H.
Leinbaugh, Cincero R
Long, Jeremiah
McDonald, Samuel
McKinney, Franklin O.
Mulvey, Edward*
Murphy, Philip H.
Orr, James
Paine, Robert T
Palmer, Oscar H
Papworth, Charles C
Pickwell, Thomer
Repasz, Benjamin F.
Repass, John
Silk, William
Southard, George
Winthrop, William
County Line Cemetery, Somerset
Lewis, Samuel
Corwin Cemetery, Newfane
Manderville, Marcus
Robinson, William
Glenwood Cemetery, Lockport
Chambers, John S
Greenwood Cemetery, Wilson
Davis, Daniel Holmes
Gaskill, William H.
Goodenough, Truman B.
Haner, Francis
Salsbury, Orin
Hartland Cemetery (Skeels Cemetery), Skeels Corner, Hartland
Skeel, Christopher L.
Lakeview Cemetery, Olcott
Tenbrook, William H.
North Ridge Cemetery, Cambria
Helms, Henry H
Kruske, William
Logan, Henry W
Luff, William
Robillard, Charles
Swick, George B
Taylor, John F
Woods, George
Somerset Cemetery, Somerset
Kenyon, Leroy
St. Johns Cemetery, N.Tonawanda
Brauer, John
St. Peters Cemetery, Lockport
Engler, William O.

Ontario County
Boughton Hill Cemetery, Victor
Walling, George
Calvary Cemetery, Canandiagua
Dalton, Michael
Mullet, Walter
Evergreen Cemetery, Bristol
Tubbs, Henry H.
Hopewell Pioneer Cemetery, Hopewell
Wykoff, Watson
South Farmington Cemetery, Farmington
Padelford, Harvey
Village Cemetery, Victor
Moore, James W.
West Avenue Cemetery, Canandaigua
Akins, Charles
Frazer, Benjamin
Gage, Franklin B.
Hicks, Washington
Lee, Lafayette
Reynolds, Milton A.
Woodlawn Cemetery, Canandaigua
Parkhurst, Mathison L.
Green, Erastus H.
Townsend, Thomas C.

Orleans County
Baptist Church Cemetery, Yates
Gilbert, Perry
Bates Road Cemetery, Ridgeway, Medina
Bacon, John
Boxwood Cemetery, Medina
Bowen, Erwin
Brown, Edwin
East Shelby (Trensch Rd) Cemetery, Shelby
Roberts, Ziba
Lynhaven Cemetery, Lyndonville
Barry, Chester
Cornwell, John J.
Millville Cemetery, Shelby
Allen, Henry L.
Bartram, William H.
Hill, Asa C.
Mount Albion Cemetery, Albion
Barker, Benjamin
Collins 2d, William
Curran, John P.
Cushing, Thomas
Hardie, David
Jones, Nathaniel
McKinney, Arthur
Putnam, Warrern W.
Raymond, Thomas W.
Mount Plesant Cemetery, Shelby
Benson, George
Howland, William
Tanner Cemetery, Gaines
Bayne, Oscar
Worland, Henry C.
West Ridgeway Cemetery, Ridgeway, Medina
Shepard, Eugene

Steuben County
Bath National Cemetery, Bath
Boodger, Wright
Coleman, Henry V
Hilton Emory
Hubbard, Homer
Irving, Robert
McDonald, William
Repasz, Henry
Salsbury, William H
Southworth, Ozial

Sullivan County
Evergreen Cemetery, Bethel
Gillespie, William B.
William, John
Old Liberty Cemetery, Liberty
Young, Leander M.
Orchard Street Cemetery, Livingston Manor
Barker, Edward
Rock Hill Cemetery, Rock Hill
Coddington, James
Kirk, Richard
Wakeman, Stephen
Rock Ridge Cemetery, Monticello
Kent, Charles F.
St. John Street Cemetery, Monticello
Waller, John

Yates County
Rushville Cemetery, Rushville
Warner, Andrew J
Waters, John

Arlington County
Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington
Fitzgerald, Theophilus
Warfield, Myron F.

Culpeper County
Culpeper National Cemetery, Culpeper

* Enlisted under an Alias