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28th New York Infantry Regiment
Niagara Rifles; Scott Life Guard
Cemetery Project
In 2008, members of the 28th New York began a project to track-down, document, visit and, where necessary, restore the gravesites of the men who served with the 28th New York during the Civil War.
As of November 2011, using various sources of information including census records, military records, pensions and SUV records, we have identified the burial places of 411 men of the 918 who served with the regiment. Of that shortlist, we have visited the burial places of 150 men of the regiment during the life of the project to date.
Record Search
The people who have been visited are all listed in the following pages including marker photos, dictations and locations, when they were last visited as well as other additional information relating to the person.
The initial version of this project presented a list of names sorted by the company within which they enlisted, however, unless the person knew the exact company into which a person enlisted, it was difficult to search. At this time, the information is split into three searches: By Burial Location, By Company and By Name.
Click on the below links to be directed to the desired search function:
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Burial Known But Not Yet Visited
Please email with any questions, corrections or information.
The pages will be updated as more people are located and visited.