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28th New York Infantry Regiment
Niagara Rifles; Scott Life Guard
Cemetery Project - Sorted by Company
The names below are sorted initially by Company, as they were at the time of enlistment, and then alphabetically as they appear in the roster.
The names from the history, enlistment papers and roster have been found to be incorrect in a number of cases; however, these are the names with which these men were identified when they enlisted so we are continuing to use the names from the enlistment. We will, however, mention any differences within the individual pages.

Regimental Staff
Brown, EdwinCushing, ThomasDonnelly, Dudley
Fitzgerald, TheophilusPaine, Robert T
Regimental Band
McMaster, Alonzo J.
Company A - Lockport, NY
Barry, ChesterChambers, John S.Chichester, Albert
Cook, Elliott W.Field, William P.Flagler, Benjamin
Langden, William H.Leinbaugh, Cincero RLogan, Henry W
Long, JeremiahRepasz, Benjamin F.Repass, John
Repasz, HenrySkeel, Christopher L.Stickney, Lucius E.
Taylor, John FWinthrop, William
Company B - Lockport, NY
Boodger, WrightBurk, HenryBush, James Franklin
Bush, William WirtColton, HenryCrampton, William H.
Jacobus, JohnMurphy, Philip H.Palmer, Oscar H.
Robinson, WilliamSilk, WilliamSouthard, George
Company C - Lockport, NY
Baker, Charles S.Brauer, JohnGaskill, William H.
Holden, HamiltonHaner, FrancisIrving, Robert
Luff, WilliamMcDonald, SamuelMulvey, Edward*
Papworth, Charles CPickwell, ThomasRobillard, Charles
Salsbury, William HSalsbury, OrinSwick, George B
Welsher, AmosWoods, George
Company D - Medina, NY
Allen, Henry L.Bacon, JohnBartram, William H.
Bathrick, EnosBayne, OscarBigford, George
Bowen, ErwinCornwell, John J.Dunham, James F
Gilbert, PerryHarrington, HenryHill, Asa C.
Kenyon, LeroyKirk, RichardMcDonald, William
Palmer, GeorgeRoberts, ZibaSouthworth, Ozial
Shepard, EugeneWorland, Henry C.
Company E - Canandaigua, NY
Akins, CharlesBenson, GeorgeDalton, Michael
Frazer, BenjaminGage, Franklin B.Green, Erastus H.
Hicks, WashingtonHubbard, HomerLee, Lafayette
Padelford, HarveyParkhurst, Mattison L.Quick, Sele P.
Reynolds, Milton A.Townsend, Thomas C.Moore, James W.
Tubbs, Henry H.Walling, GeorgeWarfield, Myron F.
Warner, Andrew J.Waters, JohnWykoff, Watson
Company F - Batavia, NY
Bailey, LuciusBarnard, GeorgeBradley, William H
Coddington, RoswellFenn, Charles HGillam, Chandler B.
Howland, WilliamIreland, GeorgeMitchell, James
Perkins, CharlesPerkins, FlaviusRowley, William
Thayer, Riley
Company G - Albion, NY
Barker, BenjaminBean, Albert LColeman, Henry V.
Collins 2d, WilliamCurran, John P.Hardie, David
Jones, NathanielKenyon, WilliamMcKinney, Arthur
Orr, JamesPutnam, Warrern W.Raymond, Thomas W.
Company H - Monticello, NY
Barker, EdwardCoddington, JamesGillespie, William B.
Kent, Charles F.Wakeman, StephenWaller, John
Williams, JohnYoung, Leander M.
Company I - Niagara Falls, NY
Harrington, JohnManderville, Marcus
Company K - Lockport, NY
Davis, Daniel HolmesEngler, William O.Goodenough, Truman B.
Helms, Henry HHilton, EmoryKruske, William
Lewis, SamuelMcKinney, Franklin O.Mullet, Walter
Tenbrook, William H.

* Enlisted under an Alias