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28th New York Infantry
Niagara Rifles; Scott Life Guard
Reenacting with the 28th New York
Welcome to the Reenactor Resources section of the website. Please be advised that some sections are still under development.
If you are interested in finding out about our events or are interested in getting involved in American Civil War Reenacting, click on the following link:
If you have any questions relating to reenacting, most likely, your question has already been asked. Click on the following link to review the Reenacting FAQs:
Frequently Asked Questions
If you are interested in our past events/battles or what sort of things we get up to at events, the following is a review of our year as it goes by:
Review of 2007
Review of 2008
Review of 2009
Review of 2010
Whether you are new to the hobby, are interested in what 1860s soldiers had to know or are an experienced reenactor looking to clarify an order, the drill manual is an invaluable source of information regarding Military Reenactments. Click on the following links for the Drill Manual, Reenactor Safety Guidelines and Hardees for Reenactors:
Hardees' Drill Manual
Reenactor Safety Guidelines (Under Development)
Hardees' for Reenactors (Under Development)
Regiments during the American Civil War, as was the fashion of the day, had a large variety of different uniforms. The following links display information relating to the uniform that was worn by the 28th New York Volunteers and the appropriate Civilian appearance.
Uniform Guidelines
Starter Gear
Civilian Guidelines (Under Development)
Just as today, music was very popular in the 19th Century. Whether they were soldier marching songs, patriotic songs or civilian songs praying for their loved ones to be returned safely to them, a large number of songs were written during the period. The following link directs you to the lyrics of a number of the songs which were written, and were popular, during the 1860s.
Civil War Era Songs
This link speaks for itself. Their are a large number of very reputable sources for uniforms and equipment relating to American Civil War Reenacting. Members of the 28th use the suttleries on the following link in order to purchase their uniforms and equipment:
Recommended Sutlers
While at reenactments the following rules are to be adhered to on camp:
Unit Rules of Conduct
The guidelines under which the 28th New York is run, managed and operates can be viewed on the following page:
By-Laws of the 28th New York