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28th New York Infantry Regiment
Niagara Rifles; Scott Life Guard
Civil War and Reenacting Articles
A collection of articles, discussion points and opinions relating to the 28th New York, the American Civil War and Reenacting.
The Regimental Flag of the 28th New York
Nahum Ward Cady
Cedar Mountain Poem
The Rifle of the 28th New York

The 28th New York In The News
Articles about the 28th New York which have appeared in print in newspapers.
A three part article published in a Virginia newspaper, the Staunton News Leader, covering the capture of the regimental colors of the 28th New York by the 5th Virginia at the Battle of Cedar Mountain and the reunions between the 5th Virginia and the 28th New York after the war. Reprinted with kind permission of Charles Culbertson.
Staunton News Leader - 1/3
Staunton News Leader - 2/3
Staunton News Leader - 3/3

Other Media
Video clips and movies in which the 28th New York has participated: (Depending on network connection, movies may take some time to load)
Newark Memorial Day Parade - 2008