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28th New York Infantry Regiment
Niagara Rifles; Scott Life Guard
Early Event Photos
[Terry at Hamlin Beach] [Stonetool, Letchworth State Park] [Barb and Darin at Hamlin Beach]
[28th NY at Letchworth] [28th NY at Letchworth]
[Firing in Skirmish line at Hamlin Beach] [The Confederate line at Hamlin Beach] [Fighting through The Fog of War at Heritage Square]
[Arms Drill at Heritage Square] [Taking cover behind the breastworks at Heritage Square] [In line at Stonetool, Letchworth State Park.]
[Heritage Square] [Present Arms. Memorial Day.]
[Spring Drill at Groveland] [Firing Demonstration on 4th July at Batavia] [Weapons Inspection at Heritage Square]
[Firing by company at Heritage Square] [Marching with the 12th US at The Erie Canal Village, Rome] [Darin and Ryan at Erie Canal Village, Rome]
[Defending the barricade at Newtown Battlefield, Elmira, NY] [Drill at Elmira] [The firing line at Hamlin Beach]
[The girls at Elmira] [Dedication of the new Bridge at Heritage Square] [Firing Demonstration for July 4th at Batavia]
[On Parade for Memorial Day, Newark, NY.]
Other Images
[Heritage Square, 2003] [The 28th New York at Heritage Square] [Mallory]
[The Girls] [Jill]