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28th New York Infantry Regiment
Niagara Rifles; Scott Life Guard
Event Photos from 2010
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2010 Season
Hill Haven Nursing Home, Webster, NY ~ February 28, 2010
[28NY Members at the Home]
Members of the 28th NY
at the Nursing Home
[28th & Lincoln]
Members of the 28th
and Abe Lincoln
Lincoln, Made In America Exhibit, Canandaigua, NY ~ March 11, 2010
[SUV, DUVCW & 28th]
28th NY
Marilyn Dirk at the
Closing Ceremonies
Fort Ontario Rally, Oswego, NY ~ March 14, 2010
[Fort Ontario]
28th NY Members
at the Rally
Reenactors from various
eras at the rally.
[Rally Speaker]
Speaking at the Rally
Addressing the crowd
[Formed with 122nd NY]
28th NY Formed battalion
with the 122nd NY
145th Anniversary of the Battle of Bentonville, Newton Grove, NC ~ March 19-21, 2010
Birney's Division in our
trenches on Sunday
[Forming Company]
Birney's Division
reforming company
Birney's and FVB
marching to battle
Henry Wells - Medal of Honor Ceremony, Manchester, NY ~ April 17, 2010
[28th NY and SUV]
Members of the
28th NY and SUV
[Henry Wells Stone]
Grave Marker Stone
of Henry Wells
[Cemetery Marker]
Historic New York
Cemetery Marker
Old Mill Village, New Milford, Pa. ~ May 1-2, 2010
[Wheat's Tigers]
Wheat's Tiger Zouaves
on Saturday
[Union skirmishers]
Union Infantry deploying
as skirmishers
[Tigers and Trees]
Tigers in the
[Union Infantry]
Union Infantry form for
battle on Saturday
[Union Picket]
Union Picket in
the trees
Second Platoon breaks
onto the battlefield.
146th Anniversary of the Battle of New Market, New Market, Va. ~ May 15-16, 2010
[Union Battalion]
The Union Battalion before
battle on Saturday
[VMI Advances]
The VMI Battalion
Advances on Saturday
Fire On The Genesee, Letchworth State Park, NY ~ May 22-23, 2010
[Union Company]
Union Company
on Sunday
[Mist in the Gorge]
Mist Settled in the
Gorge on Sunday
[Company Volley]
Company Volley After
Sundays Battle.
[Behind the Breastworks]
Union Line Defending
The Breastworks
[Sunday Sunrise]
Sunrise Through the
Trees on Sunday
[Clearing the Wounded]
Clearing Reb Wounded
On Sunday.
[Breastworks Defense]
Holding the
[Sunday Coffee]
Sunday Morning Fire
and Coffee
[Advancing on Sunday]
The Union Advances
On Sunday.
Memorial Day Activities, NY ~ May 29-31, 2010
[DUVCW @ Waterloo]
Waterloo, NY. DUVCW
during the parade
[Marching at Newark]
28th NY Marching
in Newark, NY
[Parade Rest]
28th NY at Parade
Rest in Newark, NY.
Macedon Center, NY ~ June 5-6, 2010
[Military Display]
Military and
Campaign Display
Terry Darrow as
Abraham Lincoln
Canisteo, NY ~ June 11-13, 2010
[Taps on Sunday]
Union Victory at
Sundays Battle
[Doc. Annabel]
Doctor of the 21st Ga.
Treats the wounded.
[Union In Camp]
Union Infantry
Waiting in Camp
Jamesville Beach State Park, Jamesville, NY ~ June 18-20, 2010
Shelter Tent and
Campaign Gear
[Awaiting the Battle]
Men of the 28th NY
Await the Battle
[28th NY]
The 28th NY
At Jamesville Beach
March to Destiny, Shippensburg, Pa. ~ June 25-27, 2010
[28th NY]
28th NY, 136th NY
& 1st Pa. LA
[Arms Stack]
Stacked Arms
and at Rest
Company Street of
the 28th New York
147th Anniversary of Gettysburg. Gettysburg, Pa. ~ July 2-5, 2010
[Morning Coffee]
Morning Coffee With
The 28th NY
[Company Street]
28th New York
Company Street
Making Use of
The Shade
[1st Pa Art]
1st Pa Art
& Lt. Col Rohrbaugh
Sodus Living History, Sodus, NY. ~ July 2-4, 2010
Pictures Coming Soon
Erie Canal Village, Rome, NY. ~ July 9-1, 2010
[28th NY]
28th New York
Stacked Arms
Company Camp
of the 28th NY
Pvt Barnes deployed
on Picket duty
Men of the
12th US and 28th NY
Genesee Country Village, Mumford, NY ~ July 17-18, 2010
Union Battalion
Stacked Arms
[Stacked Arms]
28th, 140th, 151st NY
Stacked Arms
28th NY Resting
Between Battles
28th, 140th & 151st NY
Advance on Sunday
[3rd Company Firing]
Third Company Firing
On Sunday
[Reb Artillery]
Reb Artillery
Obscured by Smoke
Harborfest at Fort Ontario, Oswego, NY ~ July 22-25, 2010
[Wall Picket]
Picket posted
on the Wall
Friday night
Civilians of the
28th New York
[Gate Picket]
Fort Ontario
Gate Picket
Furniture in the
Officers Quarters
28th NY Marching
During Drill
Hamlin Beach State Park, Hamlin, NY ~ August 20-22, 2010
[28th Camp]
Camp of the
28th NY
Union Infantry form
At Breastworks
US Signal Corps
At Hamlin
Union reinforcements
Take the field
Forming Company
On Saturday
"Return to Manassas", Elizabethtown, Pa ~ August 26-29, 2010
[AotO Camp]
Army of the Ohio
[Color Sgt]
Color Sgt. Taylor
55th Ohio, RTM
Pvt. Barnes,
55th Ohio, RTM
Sylvan Beach, NY ~ September 3-5, 2010
28th NY
Fog of War
[Captain Tent]
Capt. Taylor's
Camp Setup
Angelica, NY ~ September 17-19, 2010
[28th Firing]
28th NY Firing During
Street Fight
[9th NY Cav]
9th New York
[21st Ga. Band]
Musicians of the
21st Ga.
[Double Quick]
28th NY Double
Quick into the fight
Marching in Sundays
Parade (1)
Marching in Sundays
Parade (2)
Old Mill Village, New Milford, Pa ~ October 2-3, 2010
[Medical Scenario]
Wounded Union
During Medical Scenario
[Dead Brogans]
A very worn in
Pair of Brogans
Cedar Creek, Middletown, Va. ~ October 15-17, 2010
[Reb Formation]
Confederate Forming
on Saturday
[Friday Storm]
Friday Evening
Storm Clouds
[Confederates Advance]
Confederates Advance
Into Battle
[Brandon & Eugene]
Brandon Chaney &
Gene McCann
[28NYVI, 136NYVI, 1PaLA]
28th NY Inf., 136th NY Inf
& 1st Pa. LA