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28th New York Infantry Regiment
Niagara Rifles; Scott Life Guard
Event Photos from 2009
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2009 Season
Niagara County Historical Society, Lockport, NY ~ January 17, 2009
[The Regimental Colors]
The Regimental Colors
of the 28th New York
[Battle Flag of the 28th]
The Battle Flag of
the 28th New York
Blue and Grey Debutante Ball, Newark, NY ~ March 28, 2009
[Civilians of the 28th NY]
Civilians of the
28th New York
[Marilyn Dirk]
Marilyn Dirk at
the Ball
[Pauline & Kathy]
Pauline and
Spring Drill, Groveland, NY ~ April 18, 2009
[Lined up for Drill]
Lined up for Drill
Ben Newton Civil War Memorial Weekend, Elmira, NY ~ May 1-3, 2009
[Lined Up]
Formed before the
[Pvt. Davis Wounded]
Pvt. Davis Wounded
On Sunday
[Marching to the battle]
Marching to the battle
on Saturday
[Company Formed]
28, 136, 137NY,
10, 149Pa & 12US.
Fire On The Genesee, Letchworth State Park ~ May 15-17, 2009
[28th New York Parading]
28th New York
After the Battle
[Civilians in camp]
28th New York Civilians
in Camp
[Military Camp]
Military Camp of the
28th and 136th NY
[Sunday morning drill]
Formation for Drill
Sunday Morning
Memorial Day Events ~ May 24 & 25, 2009
[Newark: Honor Guard with VFW]
Newark, NY. Honor
Guard with the VFW
[Marching at Newark]
Newark, NY. Marching
in the Parade
[The 28th NY at Marion]
Marion, NY. 28th NY
members in the Parade
[Military at Marion]
Marion, NY. 28th NY
Marion, NY ~ June 13 & 14, 2009
[Campaign Camp]
Campaign Setup at
Marion Town Park
[Civil War v WWII]
A visit from the World
War Two Reenactors
[Civilians of the 28th]
Kathy sewing the flag
...and a Chinook
Jamesville Beach, Jamesville, NY ~ June 19 & 21, 2009
[Cover behind the rocks]
Taking cover behind
the Rocks
[Camp Setup]
28th NY Camp Setup at
Jamesville Beach
[The 28th NY at Marion]
Civilians of the 28th
New York at Jamesville
[Drill in the rain]
Company Drill in the
Rain on Saturday
[In Camp]
Sunday morning in camp
around the fire
Good Old Days Farm Market, Macedon Center, NY ~ June 27, 2009
[Campaign Camp]
Campaign Setup at
Macedon Center
Company Drill during
the Living History
[Civilians of the 28th]
Civilian Camp, Flag
display and fire pit
146th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, Gettysburg, Pa ~ July 3 - 5, 2009
[Pickett Duty]
Pickett Duty on
Saturday afternoon
[Company Street]
Company Street
at Gettysburg
[Pickets Charge]
View across the field
Prior to Pickets Charge
[136NY Civ Camp]
136th New York Civilian
Company on Sunday:
28&136NY, 11,110&149Pa
Federal Volunteers
Dress Parade on Sunday
Independance Day, Palmyra, NY ~ July 4, 2009
[Campaign Camp]
Living History Campaign
Camp at Palmyra
28th New York
Harborfest at Fort Ontario, Oswego, NY ~ July 25 & 26, 2009
28th New York
National Flag
[Niagara @ Oswego]
The Niagara at
[Mike Barnes]
Mike Barnes of the
28th New York
Camp of the
[Cushings Firing]
Cushings Battery
Firing on Sunday
[Drill on Sunday]
Company Drill at
Harborfest on Sunday
Erie Canal Village, Rome, NY ~ August 1 & 2, 2009
[Kenny Spencer]
Kenny Spencer of
the 28th New York
[Cook Area]
The Cooking Area
of the 12th US
Bekka Abrams learning
to Crochet
Civilians of the
28th New York
Hamlin Beach, Hamlin, NY ~ August 21 - 23, 2009
[Stacked Arms]
Rifle Stacks and
the National Colors
[Civilian Camp]
Civilian Encampment of
the 28th New York
[Megan Barrett]
Megan Barrett at
Hamlin Beach
[Weapon Inspection]
Pre-battle Weapons
[Marching to the fight]
Marching to the battle
on Saturday
[Captain Taylor]
Captain Taylor
28th New York
[12US and Excelsior]
The Musicians of the
12th US and Excelsior
[C Company]
Co. C moves out
on Saturday
[9th NY Cav]
9th NY Cav engaging
Confederate picketts
[Close Artillery]
Artillery and Infantry
firing in line
Fighting through the
trees on Saturday
The Union advances
on Saturday
[Line on the field]
Union line deployed
onto the field
[Reb Artillery]
Confederate Artillery
on the breastworks
[Reb Support]
Reb Reinforcements
Arriving on Saturday
[Water Spout]
Water Spout on Lake
Ontario on Sunday
Civil War Remembrance Festival, Owego, NY ~ August 28 - 29, 2009
[Terry Parker]
Terry Parker of the
136th & 28th NY
[137NY & 12US]
137th NY & 12th US
[12US Musicians]
Musicians of the
12th US
[Ethan Dead]
"The only good Reb..."
Ethan of the 4th Va.
28NY & NY Militia
Portrayed by the 4th Va.
coming on Saturday
Sylvan Beach Civil War Weekend, Sylvan Beach, NY ~ September 5 - 7, 2009
28th NY (and friends)
as Confederates
[Stack & Artillery]
Stacked Arms
and Artillery
Confederate Picket on
the Breastworks
Angelica Civil War Weekend, Angelica, NY ~ September 18 - 20, 2009
Union Infantry
at Angelica
Colonel Peter
Union Company
Firing on the Rebs
Reb Infantry
On the Field
Confederate Prisoner
Downtown battle
145th Anniversary of Cedar Creek, Middletown, Va. ~ October 17 - 18, 2009
[Ponchos in the Rain]
Waiting in the rain
on Saturday
Birney's Division
Advances on Sunday
[Union Left on Sunday]
The left of the line:
Birney's and FVB.
[Reb Column]
Confederate Column
Before the Battle.
[Flank. Sunday]
Rebs move against
the flank on Sunday
Street: 4OVI on Left
28 & 136NY on Right
[Company on Sunday]
Birney's Division, 4th Company
On Sunday.