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28th New York Infantry Regiment
Niagara Rifles; Scott Life Guard
Event Photos from 2008
Visit to the Veterans Home, Batavia, NY ~ March 15, 2008
The Blanket Bingo
[Allie Handing out the Teddy Bears]
Allie handing out
the Teddy Bears
[The girls with one of the Vets]
The girls with one
of the Veterans
Civil War Seminar, Allegany State Park, NY ~ April 4-6, 2008
[Setting up for saturday]
Setting up for the Saturday
Afternoon Session
[Camp Alleghany Building]
One of the Camp Alleghany
Buildings which were used.
[Saturday Afternoon Session]
Authenticity Session on
Saturday Afternoon
[Reb Firepit]
Confederate Cavalry at the
Fire Circle
Spring Drill, Fort Ontario, Oswego, NY ~ April 18-20, 2008
[Bayonet Drill]
Bayonet Drill
[Stacked Arms]
Stacked Arms
[Fort Building]
Fort Building
[Company Drill]
Formed for Drill
[12th US Band Members]
12th US Band Members
[Forming for Parade]
Company Parade
[Camp Chefs]
Camp Chef
[Gate Picket Duty]
Gate Picket
[Picket on the Wall]
Wall Picket
Ben Newton Civil War Memorial Weekend, Elmira, NY ~ May 2-4, 2008
[In Camp]
Relaxing before the
[Stacked Arms]
Stacked arms in
[Sunday Morning Fog]
A foggy Sunday
[Fighting through the woods]
Infantry and Artillery
through the woods
[1st Company]
28th New York on the
right of the line
[Prisoner Guard]
Escorting the Prisoner
after Sundays battle
[Forming Company]
Forming before Sundays
[Marching back to camp]
Marching back to camp
after the battle
[28NY, 136NY & 149PA]
28th NY, 136th NY &
149th Pa
Fire On The Genesee, Letchworth State Park, NY ~ May 16-18, 2008
[Formed Company]
28NY Forming Company with
136NY, 149PA and 49NY
[Infantry Marching]
Infantry Marching from
the Battlefield
[Union Line]
Union Line Through
the Fog Of War
[Firing Demonstration]
Firing Demonstration
[Saturday Dance]
Saturday Dance
[2nd Company]
2nd Company
[Waiting in the rain]
Sunday Rain before
the Battle
[Sunday Rain]
Waiting for the battle
[1st Company through the FOW]
1st Company through
the Fog Of War
Memorial Day Parade, Newark, NY ~ May 25, 2008
[Memorial Day Parade]
Memorial Day Parade
[Capt Darrow]
Capt. Darrow
[Military Line Marching]
Military Line Marching
[Present Arms]
Present Arms
[Corp Miller]
Corp. Miller
[Clearing Weapons]
Clearing Weapons
Memorial Day at Holy Sepulchre, Rochester, NY ~ May 26, 2008
Memorial Day Parade, Marion, NY ~ May 26, 2008
Memorial Day Ceremony, Nunda, NY ~ May 31, 2008
[Marion Memorial Day Parade]
28th NY during
Marion Parade
[GAR Monument at Holy Sepulchre]
GAR Monument at
Holy Sepulchre
[28th NY Military at Marion]
28th NY Military after
Marion Parade
[Memorial serice at Nunda]
Memorial Service at Oakwood
Cemetery, Nunda
[Military Honor Guard at Nunda]
Military Honor Guard
Firing at Nunda
[28NY Drilling at Nunda]
28th NY Drilling before
Nunda Parade
[SUV & 28NY at Nunda]
SUV and 28th NY
Members at Nunda
[SUV & 28NY at Holy Sepulchre]
SUV and 28th NY at
Holy Sepulchre
[Grave of William Brady, Oakwood cemetery, Nunda]
28th NY at grave of
William Brady, Nunda.
Newarkfest, Newark, NY ~ June 14, 2008
[Camp at Historical Society]
Encampment at the
Historical Society
[Miss New York and 28th New York]
Miss New York and
the 28th New York
[28th New York before the Parade]
28th New York members
before the parade
Bedford County, Pa ~ July 2008
Kathy Darrow
[Barb & Kathy]
Barb & Kathy
[Barb & Kathy]
In Bedford County
Independance Day Parade, Palmyra, NY ~ July 4, 2008
[Civilians in the Parade]
28th NY Civilians
in the Parade
[Cpl Miller in Camp]
Cpl Miller
in the camp
[Military in Parade]
28th New York members
firing during the parade
145th Battle of Gettysburg, Gettysburg, Pa ~ July 3-6, 2008
[C Co, 2nd Reg, 3rd Brig, 1st Div]
C Company: 28NY, 136NY,
149Pa, 110Pa, 120NY and 2Vt
[Saturday Battle at Gettysburg]
Second Days Battle
at the Peach Orchard
[Zouaves, Irish and Italians]
Zouaves, Irish and
Italians in Line
[Union line Firing]
Union Line Firing on
advancing Confederates
[Rebel Dead After Picketts Charge]
The Aftermath of
Picketts Charge
Marilla, NY ~ July 11-13, 2008
[Tent Line]
Tent Line
[Awaiting Battle]
Awaiting The battle
[Confederate Line]
The Confederate Line
[Dragonfly and Bayonet]
Dragonfly and Bayonet
After Saturdays Battle
[Union Infantry]
Union Infantry
Harborfest, Oswego, NY ~ July 26-27, 2008
[Cleaning Weapons]
Cleaning Weapons
In Military Camp
[Water Detail]
Corp Miller on
Water Detail
[DUVCW Camp]
At Fort Ontario
[Civilian Camp]
Civilian Camp By
The Parade Ground
[Guard Detail]
Changing of the Guard
Company Drill at the Fort
[Sunday Drill]
Sunday Morning Drill
Erie Canal Village, Rome, NY ~ August 1-3, 2008
[Military Camp]
Military Camp at
Erie Canal Village
[Kathy in Camp]
Kathy Darrow
In Camp
[Forming for Drill]
Forming for Drill
by the Cheese Factory
[Corp Taylor]
Corp Taylor Taking
a Break
[Medical Scenario]
Medical Scenario on
[Refroming After Battle]
28NY and 157NY
Reforming After Battle
Hamlin Beach, Hamlin, NY ~ August 15-17, 2008
[Colonels Camp]
The Colonels Camp
at Hamlin Beach
[Wedding Honor Guard]
Honor Guard for
the Wedding
[Military Camp]
Company Street and
Lake Ontario
[Civilians in Camp]
28th New York
Civilians in Camp
[Kathy and Terry Darrow]
Kathy and Terry
[Bride and Groom]
Bride and Groom at
the Dance
[In Camp]
Nate (49NY), Leland (28NY)
and BJ (149Pa)
[1st Platoon, Saturday]
1st Platoon Firing
during Saturdays Battle
[Infantry Company]
Company Line forming
for Sundays Battle
[Fog of War]
Battle Line Lost in
the Fog of War
Union & Confederate
Colors on the Field
[Unit Photo]
28NY, 136NY and
149Pa Unit Photo
Walworth, NY ~ August 23-24, 2008
[Military Parade]
28th New York
on Parade
[Civilian Parade]
Barb and the kids
leading the 28th
[In Camp]
28th New York
in Camp
[Civilian Camp]
Civilian Camp Setup
at Walworth
[Military Setup]
Military Infantry
CanalTown Days, Palmyra, NY ~ September 12-14, 2008
[Drill Demo]
Drill Demonstration
On Saturday
[Military Photo]
Military Photo
After Drill
[Civilians in Parade]
28th NY Civilians
in Parade
[Barb in Camp]
Barb Talking
to the Public
[Kathy in Camp]
Kathy in the
Civilian Camp
[Unit Flags]
Unit Flags of
the 28th New York
Angelica, NY ~ September 19-21, 2008
[1st Company Street]
1st Company Camp
[Scout Activities]
Scout Activities
On Saturday
[Lt Col Darrow]
Lt.Col Darrow
in Camp
[2nd Company Saturday]
2nd Company
(42Pa, 12US & 49NY)
[Cols Bucknam and Darrow]
Colonel Bucknam and
Colonel Darrow
[Scout Battle]
Scouts forming
for Battle
[Street Fighting]
Street Fighting in
Downtown Angelica
[Battle of Angelica]
Union Line of Battle
on Main Street
[Sunday In Camp]
Part of 28th New York
Company Street
[Union Infantry]
28, 136, 49, 155 & 94NY
149 & 42Pa, 12US
144th Cedar Creek, Middletown, Va ~ October 18-19, 2008
[28NY Camp Street]
Sgt Everdyke and Cpl
Spencer in camp
[Awaiting Battle on Saturday]
28th and 136th NY
at Rest
[Artillery on the ridge]
Artillery on
the Ridge
[Battalion Stacked Arms]
Battalion Stacked Arms
On Saturday
[Line through Grass]
28th NY in line
(Long Grass)
[K Company]
28NY & 136NY
in Line
[Sheridan Advances]
Union Advancing
on Sunday
[Battle of Cedar Creek]
Battle of Cedar
Creek (Sunday)
[Confederate Line]
Confederate Infantry
holding the ridge