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28th New York Infantry Regiment
Niagara Rifles; Scott Life Guard
Event Photos from 2006
Newtown Battlefield, Elmira, NY ~ May 5-7, 2006
[The firing line in the woods]
Firing Line in the Woods
[28th NY Camp]
28NY Camp
[The 28th in camp]
Relaxing in Camp
[The fashion show, Kathy]
The Fashion Show

Fire on the Genessee, Letchworth State Park, NY ~ May 19-21, 2006
[Lining up for battle]
Lining up for Battle
[Kathy and Barb in camp]
Kathy & Barb in Camp
Heritage Square, Ontario, NY ~ July 7-9, 2006
[28th NY Marching onto the Field of Battle]
28NY Marching into Battle
[Camping among the trees]
Camping in the Trees
Erie Canal Village, Rome, NY ~ August 4-6, 2006
[In disguise at Erie Canal Village]
28''NC'' at Rome
Hamlin Beach, Hamlin, NY ~ August 18-20, 2006
[The 28th New York Unit Photo]
28NY Unit Photo

Talking to the Soldiers
[The 28th New York in Line]
Lining Up After the Battle
Stonetool, Letchworth State Park, NY ~ August 25-27, 2006
[The 28th New York During A Firing Display]
During a Firing Display
[Captain Darrow]
Captain Darrow
[Camp Photo]
Camp Photo
Batavia, NY ~ August 8-10, 2006
[Barbs Camp]
Barbs Camp in the Cemetery
Longacres, Macedon, NY ~ August 8-10, 2006
[Skirmish line]
Skirmish Line
Event Photos from 2007
Newtown Battlefield, Elmira, NY ~ May 4-6, 2007
[28NY preparing for battle]
28NY Preparing for Battle
[Battalion Dismissed on Saturday]
Battalion Dismissed
Fire on the Genessee, Letchworth State Park, NY ~ May 18-20, 2007
[28NY and 136NY forming for drill]
Forming for Drill
[The Union Battalion at Letchworth]
The Union Battalion
[Artillery firing over Letchworth Gorge]
Artillery Firing
[1860's Recliner...]
1860's Recliner...
Memorial Day Parade, Newark, NY ~ May 27, 2007
[Barb, Megan and the girls]
Megan, Barb & The Girls
[Present Arms with the VFW]
Present Arms with the VFW
Memorial Day, Rochester, NY ~ May 28, 2007
[Sgt Everdyke at Holy Sepulchre]
Sgt. Everdyke
[Holy Sepulchre Cemetery GAR Monument]
GAR Monument
Heritage Square, Ontario Center, NY ~ June 1-3, 2007
[Tent Line in the Trees]
Tent Line in the trees
[Company Fire on Saturday]
Company Fire on Saturday
[Returning the New Flag]
Returning the New Flag
[Union Battalion with 28NY Flag]
Battalion with 28NY Flag
Ontario Bicentenary Parade, Ontario, NY ~ June 16, 2007
[Resting during the parade]
In Place, Rest
Gettysburg, PA ~ 144th Anniversary, July 6-8, 2007
[Day 2. Driven back from the Peach Orchard]
Driven back from the
Peach Orchard.
[Day 3. 28NY before Picketts Charge]
28 New York resting before
Picketts Charge
Festival in the Park, Walworth, NY ~ July 19-21, 2007
[28NY Civilians in the parade]
28th New York Civilians
[28NY Unit Photo After the Parade]
Unit Photo After The Parade
Fort Ontario, Harborfest, Oswego, NY ~ July 27-29, 2007
[The flag of the 28th New York]
The flag of the 28th
New York
[Picket duty on the Wall of the Fort]
Picket duty on the Wall
of the Fort
Erie Canal Village, Rome, NY ~ August 3-5, 2007
[In Camp on Saturday]
In camp on Saturday
[The groom's going to die]
The groom and father-in-law
...a happy occasion all round
[Sunday: The Battle for the Town]
The battle for the town
on Sunday
[The 28th After Sundays Battle]
The 28th New York
after Sundays Battle
[Captain Darrow]
Captain Terry Darrow
Hamlin Beach, Hamlin, NY ~ August 17-19, 2007
[The 28th NY going into the fight]
Advancing into the fight
on Saturday
[Marching off the field]
Marching off the Field after
the battle
Stonetool, Letchworth State Park, Mount Morris, NY ~ August 25-26, 2007
[Megan and Simon]
Megan and Cpl Taylor
[Civilian Camp]
Civilian Encampment
[Megan B]
Megan in camp
145th Anniversary of 136th NY, Letchworth State Park, NY ~ September 1, 2007
Barb representing the
home front
[136NY during the ceremony]
The 136th NY
During the ceremony
[Capt Darrow (Portraying Lt Col Woods, 136NY]
Capt Darrow, as
Lt Col Woods (136NY)
Batavia Cemetery, Batavia, NY ~ Sept 15-16, 2007
[Civil War Era Civilians]
Civil War Era Civilians
[President Lincoln]
President Lincoln
Allegany County Fairgrounds, Angelica, NY ~ Sep 21-23, 2007
[The Union Line Firing on Sunday]
The Union Line on Sunday
[Members of the 28th]
Military Personnel
...Out of Uniform
Wadsworth Living History, Geneseo, NY ~ Oct 7, 2007
[28th NY at Geneseo]
Amanda and Terry
28th New York
143rd Cedar Creek, Middletown, VA ~ Oct 19-21, 2007
[Unit Photo]
28th New York
at Cedar Creek