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28th New York Infantry Regiment
Niagara Rifles; Scott Life Guard
Henry C Worland

Henry C Worland (named as he appears on the enlistment) enlisted with Company D of the 28th New York as Private on Christmas Day, 1861 at age 19. He served with the regiment through the duration of their enlistment and mustered out in June 1863.
Henry Worland is recorded as being buried at Tanner Cemetery, Medina. When the cemetery records were cross referenced, the only Worland at that cemetery was Horace E Worland. Could he have gone by the name "Henry" at the time he enlisted and the middle initial been mistranscribed? Possibly. Either way, Horace E Worland was found in the cemetery and the year of birth fits the age range of enlistment.
His grave marker reads:
Apr. 5, 1840
Nov. 26, 1911
He's on the list of people found, however, whether this is the correct person is still up for discussion.

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