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28th New York Infantry Regiment
Niagara Rifles; Scott Life Guard
Andrew Warner

Andrew Warner was born in May 1832 in Gorham, Ontario County. He enlisted as Private in Company E, 28th New York on May 14th 1861. He was promoted to Corporal on 25th July 1862 and, again, to Sergeant on11th May 1863. He mustered out with the regiment on June 2nd 1863.
Mr. Warner died on his 72nd birthday on May 3rd, 1904 and is buried at Rushville Cemetery in Rushville, Yates County along with his wife; Josephine Peabody, his Mother In Law; Maria Benedict Peabody (nee Hudson), and possibly his son; Oliver Peabody Warner.
All four are represented on the same marker stone which has text on three sides, as follows:
Co. E. 28 N.Y. Vol
May 3. 1832
May 3. 1904

His Wife
July 10 1852
Nov. 11 1924
June 27 1876
Nov. 16 1902(?)
M. B. Peabody
May 18 1819
April 12 1910
Rushville cemetery is wedged between N Main Street along the west, Castle Street to the south and a creek to the north. Older marker stones are in the west of the cemetery and Mr Warner is buried centrally along the northern edge.
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