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28th New York Infantry Regiment
Niagara Rifles; Scott Life Guard
John Waller

At the age of 31 years, John Waller was the driving force behind the early recruitment efforts in the Monticello, Sullivan County area. He recruited the men who would become Company H of the 28th NY and was mustered in as the company captain on May 22nd, 1861.
He was detached on recruiting service from August 26th, 1861 through to November 12th 1861. On December 30th, 1862, he was discharged from the regiment for promotion to the rank of Major of the 132nd N.Y Volunteer Infantry.
He is buried in St. Johnís Cemetery in Monticello, Sullivan County, NY along with a number of other relatives.
His marker stone reads as follows:
1826 - 1919
Other family members are also buried there; however the relationship to John Waller is unknown:
Alice L. Walker
Edward Walker
Aged October 22, 1861
Died 14 yrs 1 month 22 days
George E. Walker
Died Sept. 25, 1901
Aged 32 years
Edith A. Walker
The cemetery is rather small but well-kept. The Walker family plot is tidy, the stones in very good condition.
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