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28th New York Infantry Regiment
Niagara Rifles; Scott Life Guard
George B Swick

George Swick enlisted as Private in Company C, 28th NY on April 25, 1861 and mustered in service with the regiment on May 22, 1861. With Company C, he participated in the battles of Winchester, Cedar Mountain, Antietam and Chancellorsville before being mustered out with the regiment on June 2, 1863.
Along with his wife and possibly his daughter, he is buried at North Ridge Cemetery in Cambria, Niagara County, NY in section 4-119. The cemetery contains a lot of Swicks, who are most likely all related in some way, however, his direct family marker stones read as follows:
1840 1936
1839 1929
1865 - 1921
Within the cemetery, they are buried in section 4. Driving straight along the main track, take the first right turn, then the first left turn. About half way from there to the back of the cemetery, George and his family are buried on the left.
[Swick Stone]
[George Swick & GAR Marker]
[Martha Swick, His Wife][Carrie North, Daughter?]
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