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28th New York Infantry Regiment
Niagara Rifles; Scott Life Guard
Warren H Putnam

Warren Putnam enlisted as a Private in Company G, 28th New York in March 1862. He initially spent only two months with the regiment as he was captured during Banks' withdrawal up the Shenandoah Valley towards Winchester, on May 24th 1862. He was paroled and rejoined the regiment on August 30th 1862. He was again captured at Chancellorsville on May 2nd 1863. From here, he was paroled again and rejoined the regiment at Lockport to be mustered out in June 1863.
Mr. Putnam spent 15 months in service with the 28th New York, he was captured twice in that time period, spent four months of his service as a POW and was still able to line up with the regiment when it was mustered out. Impressive.
He is buried at Mount Albion Cemetery in Albion, Orleans County, NY.
His marker reads:
Co. G
N.Y. Inf
Although the burial place of Mr. Putnam has been found, the section in which he is buried is unknown. This will be updated when we visit Mount Albion next.
Last visited: November 2008