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28th New York Infantry Regiment
Niagara Rifles; Scott Life Guard
Thomas Pickwell

On May 2nd 1861, at age 37, Thomas Pickwell enlisted as a Private in Company C, 28th NY. He served through to June 24th, 1861, at which time he was discharged for disability.
He is buried in Cold Springs cemetery along with his wife.
His marker stone reads as follows:
Co. C, 28 N.Y. Inf.
1824 -1899
His wife is buried next to him. He headstone reads as follows:
Wife of Thomas Pickwell
1823 - 1906
Within the cemetery, Mr. Pickwell and his wife are buried very close to the military section of the cemetery. It took several visits to locate them as the old maps showed that they were buried in a section which had been built over by a road. They are, however, very close to the road in the P Section.
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