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28th New York Infantry Regiment
Niagara Rifles; Scott Life Guard
Flavius Perkins

Flavius Perkins enlisted as Private in Company F, 28th NY in May 1861. He died of unknown causes on November 14th 1861 at Darnestown, Maryland.
He is buried at Byron Cemetery in the town of Byron, Genesee County, NY. He has a small marker and is also mentioned on the Civil War monument which is in the cemetery.
His reference on the main monument reads:
Nov. 14, 1861. Ae 22.
His own marker reads:
Within the cemetery Mr. Perkins is one of several veterans of the 28th New York who are buried next to the Civil War monument. In the picture of the monument, the small marker to the left of the monument is that of Flavius Perkins.

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