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28th New York Infantry Regiment
Niagara Rifles; Scott Life Guard
George W Palmer

George W. Palmer was born in 1837 and, on May 6th 1861, enlisted as Sergeant in Company D, 28th New York. He came through battles at Winchester and Cedar Mountain only to die of disease on 19th November, 1862, at hospital in Pleasant Valley, Md.
He is buried at Mount Morris Cemetery in Mount Morris, Livingston County, NY.
His grave marker reads:
Co D. 28, N.Y. V
Nov. 20 1862
AE 25 Yrs.
Note: There is an obvious, and unexplained, discrepency between the date of death on the official records and the date on the grave marker.
The cemetery is quite large with a lot of military markers from various regiments. However, once inside the cemetery, Sgt Palmer is one of the very first burials on the right hand side and is located on the edge of the path.

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