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28th New York Infantry Regiment
Niagara Rifles; Scott Life Guard
Harvey Padelford

Harvey Padelford enlisted as 2nd Lieutenant with Company E in may 1861. He was placed in command of Company E and promoted to 1st Lieutenant on June 8th 1862 and mustered out with the regiment in May 1863.
He married Margaret Case in 1852 and had several children including a son who was named Dudley Donnelly Padelford, after the late Colonel of the 28th New York. Margaret died in 1876 and, three years later, Mr Padelford married Florence Doubleday.
Harvey and Florence Padelford are buried in the small South Farmington Cemetery, Farmington, Ontario County, NY. The cemetery is located in the hamlet of Padelford, named after his family who owned large amounts of land in that area and built the railroad station there.
His grave marker reads:
Capt. Co. E
28, Reg't N.Y. Vol Inf
1832 - 1904
1853 - 1921
Last visited: August 2007