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28th New York Infantry Regiment
Niagara Rifles; Scott Life Guard
Edward Mulvey

At the age of 18, Edward Mulvey enlisted in Company C of the 28th NY under the name of Edward Rumery. Why he used an alias is unknown. He could have not been quite old enough; but, without having an exact date of birth, that would be guess work.
He served with the regiment throughout itís existence and mustered out with the regiment on June 3rd, 1863.
Mr. Mulvey is buried in Cold Springs Cemetery along with his wife.
His headstone reads as follows:
Co. C 28th Regt.
N.Y. Vol.
Died May 13, 1871
While his wifeís headstone reads as follows:
July 23, 1844
April 13, 1924
Cold Springs is a large sprawling cemetery with graves from the early history of Lockport through to the modern day. Within the cemetery, they are buried towards the north-west corner. The railroad runs along the northern edge and Cold Springs Road runs along the west edge.
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