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28th New York Infantry Regiment
Niagara Rifles; Scott Life Guard
Charles F. Kent

Charles Kent enlisted in Company H, 28th NY on April 30th, 1861, at the age of 19. He served with the regiment throughout the enlistment and was captured on May 2nd, 1863, at the battle of Chancellorsville. He spent 12 days as a prisoner of war at Libby Prison in Richmond, Va, before being paroled at City Point, Va, on May 14th, 1863. He mustered out with the regiment on June 2nd, 1863.
Upon his parole, along with a large number of the men from the 28th NY, he reenlisted with the 2nd NY Mounted Rifles and served with Company G of that regiment through to the completion of the war when he was mustered out on August 10th, 1865, at Petersburg, Va.
He is buried in Rock Ridge cemetery in the town of Monticello, Sullivan County, NY along with a good number of his relatives.
His marker stone reads as follows:
Charles F. Kent
The other family members who are buried there are as follows:
Lavina B. Kent
Frederick W. Kent
Mary T. Kent
Charles A.. Kent
George A. Newton
Bertha E. Moore
However, the relationship of these people to Charles Kent, are unknown.
The cemetery is found to the right of E. Broadway. The grave is located three rows in from the road into the cemetery and about fifty feet from the main road. The cemetery is nicely maintained.
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