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28th New York Infantry Regiment
Niagara Rifles; Scott Life Guard
John Jacobus

John Jacobus enlisted as private in Company B, 28th New York, on 4th May 1861. He served the two year enlistment and was mustered out with the regiment on June 2nd 1863. He reenlisted with the 15th NY Cavalry.
He is buried at Mount Olivet Cemetery in Sweden, Monroe County, NY along with his wife; Ellen.
His grave marker reads:
Co E.
15th N.Y. Cav.
Died Mar. 3rd 1897
Aged 68 Yrs.
His wifes grave marker reads:
ELLEN Wife of
John Jacobus
Co E.
15th N.Y. Cav.
Died May 13 1913
Ae 71 Yrs.
Mount Olivet cemetery is a very nice and quiet setting. The entire cemetery is covered with a canopy of deep green pine trees. The markers of John and Ellen Jacobus can be found by staying to the right of the cemeteries long driveway until there is no option but to turn left. At that point, the markers are on the left hand side.

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