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28th New York Infantry Regiment
Niagara Rifles; Scott Life Guard
Asa C Hill

Asa C Hill is buried at Millsville Cemetery in Shelby, NY. The cemetery is on the east side of East Shelby Road and Asa Hill is buried about four rows from the front.
Mr. Hill was born in Massachusetts in August 1837 and moved to Shelby, NY, with his family when he was young. He enlisted with Company D on November 28, 1861 as a Private. He remained in this rank until January 14, 1863, at which time he was discharged for disability at Central Park Hospital in New York City. Details of his dicharge are unknown.
He is buried along with his wife, Kate, his son, Asa B and his grandson, Floyd. Of the monuments which have been visited to date, Mr Hill has one of the most amazing monuments of any man of the 28th NY.
There is text on three of the four sides of the monument, as follows:
Born Aug. 19, 1837
Died April 25, 1881
At 7 P.M.
Wife of Asa C Hill
Born Feb. 3, 1844
Died Sept. 27, 1938
Enlisted Nov. 14, 1861
Wounded Aug. 9, 1862
Taken Prisoner
Aug. 18, 1862
Taken to Libbe Prison
Sept. 25, 1862
Exchanged Oct. 6, 1862
Discharged Jan. 14, 1863
Son of A.C. and K.B. Hill
Born Jan. 15, 1879
Died Aug. 7, 1937
Bertha B Peek
Wife of Asa B Hill
Born Aug. 22, 1881
Died Mar. 7, 1958
Floyd J Hill
May 28, 1908 to Aug, 15. 1910
However despite the amount of information provided on the three sides of the stone, it is the complete monument itself which is the prize:
Last visited: November 1st 2008