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28th New York Infantry Regiment
Niagara Rifles; Scott Life Guard
Henry H Helms

Henry Helmes (Seen as Helms on his grave marker) enlisted as a Private with Company K of the 28th New York on April 26th 1861. He mustered into Federal service with the regiment on May 22nd 1861. He served with Company K through the 2 year enlistment of the regiment and mustered out on June 2nd 1863.
Along with much of his family, he is buried at North Ridge Cemetery in the town on Cambria, Niagara County.
His marker reads:
Co. K, 28th N.Y. Inf.
July 31, 1912
Little is known about Mr. Helms at this time, so, without guessing the relationships between people, the markers of his family members are as follows:
Wm. Albert
1872 - 1948
Elizabeth H
1878 - 1959
William Helms
1809 - 1873
His Wife
Emarancy Taylor
1813 - 1889
William W Helms
His Wife
Josephine A Rousseaux
The initial suggestion would be that William & Emarancy Helms are the parents of Henry Helms and William W Helms and that William Albert Helms is the son of William W and Josephine Helms. However, I need to confirm that.
In the cemetery, the Helms family are in section 3-137. They are located centrally in the section at the north edge of the main cemetery. This visit was made on a very dark afternoon during a thunderstorm and the family is buried under a thick tree, so the pictures are a lot darker than in reality.
[Henry H Helms]
[William Albert Helms]
[Main Family Stone]
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