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28th New York Infantry Regiment
Niagara Rifles; Scott Life Guard
Theophilus Fitzgerald

Theophilus Fitzgerald enlisted as Captain of Company E, 28th NY on May 14th, 1861, at age 25. He mustered in with the regiment on May 22nd, 1861. Following the Battle of Cedar Mountain, on August 9th, 1862, the regiment underwent a reorganization and, as one of the senior officers to survive that battle, Mr. Fitzgerald was promoted to Major, on October 25th, 1862. He mustered out with the regiment on June 2nd, 1863.
Mr. Fitzgerald moved to Washington, DC, after the war and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.
His grave marker reads, quite simply, as follows:
Within Arlington, he is buried in Area 2 off Sheridan Drive, Grave 2/3690 (6th gravestone in from 2/3674H).
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