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28th New York Infantry Regiment
Niagara Rifles; Scott Life Guard
Michael Dalton

Michael Dalton enlisted as Private with Company E of the 28th New York on December 4th, 1861 and joined the regiment on December 25th, 1861. He served with the regiment from that time until they were mustered out on June 2nd, 1863.
He died on April 7th, 1916 and is buried in Calvary cemetery in Canandaigua, Ontario County, NY along with a his wife and at least three of his nine children. His stone has two of their children listed on the back side, as follows:
Michael Dalton

Mary Hogan
Anna A. Lemmey
William C.
Children of M & M Dalton
In the area around their stone are individual markers for the four people listed on this stone as well as other marker stones relating to another of Mary and Michael Daltons children; Susan O'Keefe (nee Dalton).
Susan A.
David H.
In addition, we find a small marker which reads simply "Baby O'Keefe". Childhood mortality was very common in the early 1900s, but they had three known other children between 1906 and 1908 who are all belived to have lived into their 90s.
The cemetery is quite large with a lot of older stones and is accessible from Clark Street in Canandaigua. Within the cemetery, if you stay to the left until the road turns around you have no option but to turn to the right, Michael Dalton is buried about 30 feet to the right.
[Michael & Mary Dalton][Anna Lemmey & William C Dalton]
[Susan and David O'Keefe]
[Anna Lemmey][William C Dalton]
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