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28th New York Infantry Regiment
Niagara Rifles; Scott Life Guard
John S. Cornwell

At age 27, John Cornwell enlisted as a Private in Company D on Christmas Eve, 1861 and joined the regiment on January 6th, 1862. He served through the enlistment of the regiment and mustered out on June 2nd, 1863.
Although we don’t have any reenlistment details, he must have reenlisted as the 1890 Veterans Schedule reports that he was “Wounded at Petersburg”.
He is buried at Lynhaven Cemetery in Lyndonville, Orleans County, NY along with his mother, Sarah.
His marker stone reads:
Co. D 28th. Inf.
1834 – 1920
His mothers marker stone reads:
Wife of
Moses Cornwell
Died Dec. 3 1866
Age 76 Years
& 19 Ds
It is a very well set out cemetery and very well maintained. Within the cemetery, they are buried somewhat centrally.
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