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28th New York Infantry Regiment
Niagara Rifles; Scott Life Guard
Culpeper National Cemetery, Culpeper

As was the case for a number of the national cemeteries from the Civil War, Culpeper National Cemetery is located in the area where the Union hospital was based after the Battle of Cedar Mountain, which took place on August 9th, 1862.
The 28th New York was very heavily involved in that battle and lost nearly 60% of the regiment killed, wounded and captured. Of those men 48 were killed during the battle. After the battle, the dead were initially buried in a mass grave on the battlefield. It contained about 200 Union soldiers.
After the battle, the soldiers were reinterred at Culpeper; however, we do not know exactly how many men from the 28th New York were buried there or who they were as no records appear to exist.
We know of a number of men who died at Cedar Moutain who have marker stones at cemeteries in the up-state New York area, however, in both cases where a burial site has been visited, it could be suggested that they are memorial sites, rather than burial sites.
Below is a list of the men of the 28th New York who were killed in action at Cedar Mountain and who are believed to be buried in the mass grave at Culpeper National Cemetery:
Charles P SPROUTNoAdjutantStaff
George W TUCKERNoSergeantA
Samuel FARRNoPrivateA
George T GOODNoPrivateA
Augustus HANKEYNoPrivateA
Malcomb G TAYLORNoPrivateA
Devett C BULMANNoPrivateB
William CONNERNoPrivateB
William RUTZNoPrivateB
John GILBERTNoPrivateC
Edward HOUGHTONYesPrivateC
Hiram LUKENoPrivateC
William MCGILLNoPrivateC
Benjamin MILLYNoPrivateC
David SANDERSONNoCorporalD
Henry L ALLENYesPrivateD
Clinton BUTLERNoPrivateD
Perry GILBERTYesPrivateD
Royal WHITENoPrivateD
George H ALLENNoPrivateF
Henry C BALDWINYesPrivateF
Silas BRAGGNoPrivateF
Alexander COMGUENoPrivateF
Theodore ELDRIDGENoPrivateF
Barnard MURRAYNoPrivateF
Howard M SNELLYesPrivateF
Alexander HOSBERRYNoCorporalG
William M CHAPINNoPrivateG
Frederick KRUSSNoPrivateG
Shephard R MALONENoPrivateG
Alfred R PIERSONNoSergeantH
George EGNERNoPrivateH
Abram NEERNoPrivateH
James A PALMERNoPrivateH
Charles R HAIAGHTNoCorporalI
Martin MCMAHONNoCorporalI
Charles BENTONNoPrivateI
Michael KILBERERNoPrivateI
John P CARPENTERNo1st SergeantK
Samuel WILLIAMSNoSergeantK
Charles L PICKARDYesCorporalK
John GRIFFENNoPrivateK
Selinous MINERNoPrivateK
John MOLLNoPrivateK
Stephen C ROBERTSNoPrivateK
John STACYNoPrivateK
Dennis SULLIVANNoPrivateK
Hixon WOOLEVERNoPrivateK
Note. Company E of the 28th New York was on detached duty serving as Provost Guard at the time that the battle took place.
In 1902, the only monument to the men of the 28th New York was erected in CulpeperNational Cemetery in memory of the men, from the 28th NY, who died in the battle of Cedar Moutain.
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