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28th New York Infantry Regiment
Niagara Rifles; Scott Life Guard
William H Bradley

William H Brady (Bradley in the history of the regiment and also on the enlistment papers) is buried at Oaskwood Cemetery in Nunda, NY. He is buried along with his wife, Anna, on the ridge of the hill, by the cemetery war memorial.
Official records show that William H Brady was 15 when he enlisted with the 28th NY in Jul 1862. When the 28th NY mustered out in June 1863 he was transferred to the 10th Maine Battalion along with the other three year men. When the 10th Maine was consolidated into the 29th maine, he went with them and served with the 29th maine through to the end of the war.
His stone reads:
1847 - 1913
Co. F. 28 Regt. N.Y.V
Co. D. 29 Regt. Me. V.
His Wife
1848 - 1925
We visited the cemetery as part of the local Memorial Day services.
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