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28th New York Infantry Regiment
Niagara Rifles; Scott Life Guard
Erwin A Bowen

Erwin Bowen enlisted in the 28th New York as Captain of Company D. He was captured at Cedar Mountain in August 1862, was paroled in September 1862 and was then promoted to Lt-Col of the 151st New York Infantry in October 1862.
He is buried at Boxwood Cemetery in Medina, NY along with his wife, his father, his mother and his step-mother. When Boxwood Cemetery was visited in March 2008, Erwin Bowen was not on our list of people buried there. It was the main family stone which initially caught my eye:
Then I read the name and remembered that there was an officer in the 28th named "Bowen". Seperate from this stone was a gravestone for Erwin Bowen and his wife, Anna.
His stone reads:His Wife's stone reads:
Erwin A Bowen
1834 - 1889
Capt, 28th NY Co. D
Promoted Lt-Col 151st NYV
Anna B Bowen
His Wife
1837 - 1924
Unfortunately, the type of stone and bad light meant that these photos did not come out very legibly, but that's why we're putting transcriptions up with the photos.

His Father, Ambrose Bowen, is buried directly next to Erwin Bowen along with two wifes of Ambrose Bowen. Which, if either, is the mother of Erwin Bowen is unknown at this time.
His Father's stone reads:
1811 - 1906
His Father's wives stones reads:
Wife of
1815 - 1867
Wife of
1820 - 1896

Last visited: March 2008