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28th New York Infantry Regiment
Niagara Rifles; Scott Life Guard
George W. Bigford

At age 21, George Bigford enlisted in Company D of the 28th New York on April 30th, 1861 and he mustered in with the regiment on May 22nd, 1861. However, his service was cut short and he was discharged for disability at Camp Harris, DC, on July 17th, 1861.
Mr. Bigford is buried at Garbutt Cemetery in Scottsville, Monroe County, NY along with his parents and a number of other relatives.
His marker stone reads:
Co. D
28th N.Y. Inf.
1839 – 1867
His parent’s marker stone reads:
Henry Bigford
1821 – 1892
Phebe K. His Wife
1824 - 1908
His sibling’s marker stones read:
1851 - 1926
1858 - 1885
Also buried there is Ida Bigford who died on March 29th, 1856 and Edith Viola Tucker (1886 – 1903), who may be the daughter of Alice Bigford Tucker.
Garbutt cemetery is quite small with a single central track which leads through the cemetery. From the front of the cemetery, the Bigford lot is to the left of the track in the center of the cemetery.
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