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28th New York Infantry Regiment
Niagara Rifles; Scott Life Guard
Benjamin Barker

Benjamin Barker enlisted as Private of Company G, 28th NY. He was captured at the Battle of Second Manassas on August 29th 1862. He was paroled and rejoined the regiment two days on August 31st 1862.
He is buried at Mount Albian Cemetery in Albian, Orleans County, NY. It is vast cemetery spread over several hills. Mr Barker is buried in the "Boxwood" section towards the back of the cemetery.
Mr Barker is buried alongside his wife, Sarah, their stones read:
Co. G
28th Regt. N.Y. Vol. Inf.
Died Mar 13. 1912
Aged 72 yrs
Wife of
Died Nov. 14. 1903
Aged 71 Yrs
To put the size of the cemetery in context, it took two visits totally two hours to find Mr Barker and his wife.
Last visited: November 1st 2008